Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Designer pick by Topshop

The collection Ann-Sofie Back for Topshop is in! Don't miss it and also take a look on the other hot items designed by Ashish and Jonathan Saunders. Here... my favorite designer items. Love them!

Sweater By Ann-Sofie Back, 70 liras

Pants By Ashish, 55 liras
Stud Sweater By Ashish, 85 liras

Bandeau By Jonathan Saunders, 40 liras

photo credits: topshop


  1. why would you recommend topshop if they don't even ship to our country ??

  2. as I said, you can follow some brands even if you don't have immediat acces to them. First as a source of inspiration (the designs, the cuts, the combinations presented can inspire you and improve your personal style) and second, to have an idea about those brands when you travel abroad. I find it a "moral" duty if I can say, at least to inform.:)

  3. Your top shop is very cute and nice clothing. Thanks for sharing for us.